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Our Happyole line!

Red Sangria

The classic never dies…. and has never been so natural and had so much class. Our pretty and spoiled little Sangria. Feel the fresh and balanced combination of orange, lemon, strawberry and apple with a light touch of peach and pear.

White Sangria

Perhaps the only Sangria that helps you have greater imagination and creativity.
Thanks to its touch of lemon, peach and melon.

Rose Sangria

Relax your senses and let the magic arise, the rest is done by her... SANGRIA ROSÉ!! Made with 20% natural strawberry.


Ready to travel?
The true natural mojito that will transport you to the deep heart of Havana.

Strawberry Mojito

No matter where you look at me, you won't see another one like this. The exclusive Mojito with natural strawberry juice.

Orange Cocktail

Our beloved orange comes into play to make the incomparable orange cocktail, always well accompanied by strawberry and lemon.

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Happyole sangrias and cocktails are craft premium products. Our recipes are based on the maceration of wine and/or liqueurs with fruits and natural juices. We select the quality of the fruits and our 48-hour maceration process provides the final product the characteristic aromas and the 100% natural flavor of our products.

After a cold maceration and mixing of all the ingredients, we filter the product so that it has maximum freshness and lightness.

Finally, we pasteurize the products for just the minimum time and cool them quickly in order to avoid losing quality and ensure that the product keeps its properties for at least 24 months.

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Enjoy them wherever you want!

Happyole is a Mediterranean appetizer that is part of the Spanish festival and culture, designed to turn small moments into unique occasions of enjoyment and joy. Simply sophisticated.

When Happyole shows up, the party starts!

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